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Research suggest:

  • Lean Muscle increases
  • Body Fat reduction
  • Increase in Endurance

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(8 customer reviews)

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Buy YK-11 – Australia’s Best from Fire Supps

What Is YK11?

YK-11 is a synthetic compound that functions as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). The drug was specifically developed to trigger anabolic effects to be used for treatment of many diseases including osteoporosis and muscle wasting (atrophy).

While Y.K. 11 was not further developed to actual medical uses, a lot of studies have been performed to analyse the effectiveness on bone and muscle mass. Of all the SARMs currently available, this one does trigger the most significant results.

How Does YK 11 Work?

Unlike other SARMs, YK-11 is a lot more like testosterone in that it triggers significantly stronger reactions. It is far more effective at binding to androgen receptors which increases the efficacy of the supplement. Traditional testosterone based boosters have the most potent reactions, but they also come with a lot of very negative side effects.

SARMs on the other hand are extremely selective in the receptors that they actually bind to. For the most part these supplements have very few to no known side effects. However, YK-11 is more potent and as a result a little less selective than other options available. That does mean some negatives have been encountered in studies (more on these below).

What are the Benefits of Y.K. 11?

As Y.K. binds to the androgen receptors the result is an increased gene expression that triggers very specific physiological process. The most notable ones are increased lean muscle production and fat burning, but studies have shown other positive side effects as well. Here the main positive results identified:

1 – Significant Muscle Building Effects

Directly triggering androgen receptors has a significant impact on gene expression that causes muscle tissue repair and production (S 1).

2 – Fat Burning

The increased energy needs for muscle production is mainly sourced from stored body fat reserves in skeletal muscles and under the skin (S 2).

3 – Prevent Muscle Wasting

Originally designed to counteract the effects of muscle wasting, studies have shown that newly created muscle fibres are less likely to degenerate (S 3).

4 – Increased Endurance

The increased level of energy production for muscle tissue production also results in overall higher endurance and stamina (S 4).

5 – Slowed Aging Process

Some studies have shown that natural aging of muscles and bones is slowed down in general with the use of SARMs (S 5).

What are the Side Effects of YK-11?

While YK-11 was not further advanced for medical usage, studies did show both positive and negative effects. It is important to note that clinical trials have not been extensive enough to identify cross effects with other drugs and some studies are still ongoing that could result in more known negatives. Here are the main negatives encountered in studies:

1 – Increased Hair Growth

Similar to testosterone supplements, increased hair growth has been observed in studies of stronger SARMs on both men and women (S 6).

2 – Mood Swings

While similar aggression levels as induced by testosterone are not common with SARMs, YK-11 has been shown to trigger some mood swings (S 7).

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8 reviews for YK-11

  1. Marcus Paterson

    1st day on yk 11 dose at 0.5 mls which equals 5mg . Yk 11 is strong first i noticed it was way stronger then other sarms I had tried be for. Had a lot of engery and strength could easy lift heavy weights had pretty good pump that lasted for days.

    2nd day using yk 11 did 10 mls in one dose was beter then anything ive tried be for more pumps and engery didnt fell sore from the work out the day be for.

    3rd day using started to notice was losing weight mainly fats from when i was bulking and started to look more ripped still had lots of energy and pumps one off my mates said the pumps were massive and ask what i was taking so i told him about Fire Supps.

    4th day had uped my weights around 5kg they felt really light i could keep doing more reps were i would normaly feel tired and need a break.

    5th day could do hr cardio and 1 hr weights felt good could sleep well woke up not sore or tired felling pretty good .

    pretty much same results from day one till end off the month.
    conclusion Fire Supps make the best sarms out dont buy from any where else u will get fakes and nock offs with nothing in them Iwould say yk 11 for me was more for cuting and strength u can see results with in a week where other sarms take a month or more to work .

  2. Jak

    Tried this not so long ago for the main reason to help with rehab of a few soft tissue injuries I was nursing, it definitely helped and once I was back it definitely helped me get a bit thicker , and helped with an all round better feeling of wellbeing!

  3. Jason Abramczyk

    YK11 from Fire Supps was the first SARM i tried. Noticed increase in strength, size and endurance and the most unbelievable sleep i have ever had. Takes a bit to get used to the taste but it is definitely worth it. Took about 3 -4 days before i noticed or felt it.

  4. Jason Abramczyk

    YK11 from Fire Supps was the first SARM i tried. Noticed increase in strength, size and endurance and the most unbelievable sleep i have ever had. Takes a bit to get used to the taste but it is definitely worth it. Took about 3 -4 days before i noticed or felt it.

  5. Joe (verified owner)

    Used towards the end of cycle, seems to push improvements further

  6. Lachy (verified owner)

    tried every brand (redback, elite, aussarms, ozgains, pc, bacwater) name em all, and Fire are the GOAT, love their YK11, feel amazing currently. Only supplier I’ll be using.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    3 weeks in and starting to see improvements

  8. Joe E. (verified owner)

    Kept the cycle going

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