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Get Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) from Fire Supplements

These days, a growing number of bodybuilders are showing high levels of interest in SARMs, which are selective androgen receptor modulators. These drugs are some of the latest and most advanced, and many of them are, at the time of writing at Fire Supplements, still going through clinical testing regarding their effectiveness and safety.

Still, with so many people considering using SARMs, many are not quite sure what they are, what it is that they are supposed to do, and what risks are possibly involved with them.

SARMs typically get categorized as being the same as anabolic steroids. This categorization is inaccurate and not totally fair because SARMs have numerous characteristics that differentiate them from anabolic steroids.

On this page we have assembled the most recent and accurate information available about these drugs. This information can help you make an educated decision about whether SARMs are a good choice for you.

What Are SARMs?

SARMs are a category of drugs that fit into a creative and fresh class of chemicals that have effects not fully identical but very much like what happens with anabolic steroids. They change the responses of the human body in various ways, which impact physical stamina, fat burning, and muscle growth.

Anabolic steroids are able to produce results like these as well, but they in ways that can have an impact on multiple areas throughout the human body, often resulting in very undesirable side effects on top of their intended benefits.

This is why most steroid use typically only happens under the strict supervision of qualified physicians. Anabolic steroids have to be used carefully, if it all, so that damage can be avoided to the prostate, kidneys, and liver, among other body parts.

SARMs are different from steroids, and the most drastic difference is how specific and targeted their approach is. It’s actually why the word ‘selective’ might just be the most crucial component of their long name. (If you’d like to learn more about the particular responses that various SARMs have, check out the next section.)

A lot of SARMs are currently under development with the hopes of treating particular conditions that relate to old age and disease. This includes obesity, muscle wasting, and bone density loss.

Clinical research has demonstrated serious evidence of how effective SARMs are, which has drawn the interest of the bodybuilding community. The power of these new drugs in terms of boosting muscle growth has been particularly interesting.

How Do SARMs Affect The Body?

Androgen receptors are located in many different body cells, but can especially be found in muscles, bones, and organs. They’re intended to activate anytime that androgen hormones come in and bind to them. Androgen receptors get more active when the levels of androgen hormones in your body go up.

Androgen hormones are actually a diverse group that includes those specifically linked to male physical traits and reproductive activity. Testosterone is the most well-known of these androgen hormones, and it’s certainly the strongest.

Testosterone can be a problematic hormone when taken as a drug, since boosting it triggers all androgen receptors within the body. That includes the prostate, liver, kidneys, and brain, which are places where the hormone is able to wreak long-term havoc and offer limited benefits.

SARMs are designed in ways that make them mimic only certain sections of androgen hormones. That lets them target specific receptors rather than across the entire body. In the context of bodybuilding, the essential receptors are the ones in muscle and bone tissue. When these receptors are properly activated, the results are quicker repair and growth of muscle cells.

Even though the average SARM doesn’t provide results nearly as strong as what anabolic steroids provide, the substantially lower risk of side effects is an alluring feature to many. SARMs are also safer in the fact that, unlike steroids, they don’t break down into any undesirable hormones like estrogen.

The Safety Of SARMs

The very first fact about SARMs that needs to be emphasized is that they are not dietary supplements, such as protein shakes.

SARMs are correctly classified as drugs, and at the time of writing, the majority of them were still waiting for approval for medical use per the relevant regulatory bodies overseeing them. The drug trials and clinical testing already being conducted is certainly very promising, but SARMs are going to take some time to become broadly available.

The very concept behind SARMs means that the picture is incomplete in terms of risks and dangers. The uncertainty that SARMs pose is especially relevant for users that already have ongoing health complications that could be impacted badly.

There is a body of scientific knowledge that has been generated, and it tends to show very narrow risks about side effects; however, this can lead to the mistaken assumption that they are, in fact, always safe to use.

One of the biggest areas of uncertainty that has yet to be investigated with SARMs is about how they might interact with common drugs. Stacking SARMs or utilizing them alongside existing medications might create entirely unknown issues.

Research done to date hints at a number of different SARMs sharing a tendency to lower the levels of testosterone production. However, before looking at the side effects in more detail, let’s first consider their advantages.

What Are The Possible Advantages Of SARMs?

Bodybuilders have shown a lot of interest, given how it looks like these drugs are highly effective in targeting particular body parts, especially muscles. They provide the following benefits while also minimizing or totally avoiding the negative side effects that anabolic steroids might have on different organs.

These are the four most fascinating advantages that SARMs are known to offer:

1) Quicker Muscle Building

Many of the SARMs in development are just synthesized versions of different androgen hormones that bind to specific receptors of skeletal muscles. SARMs, if used in conjunction with a robust strength-training program, can accelerate the processes of muscle recovery and building up fresh tissue.

2) Burning Off Fat

Some SARMs have been shown to trigger metabolic processes associated with fat burning. While this is still a far cry from being weight loss in a bottle, it can accelerate your dieting and exercise efforts by releasing more fat as energy.

3) Making Connective Tissue Stronger

Even though only a few SARMs were developed specifically to enhance the health of tendons and ligaments, quite a few of them demonstrated positive results when tested for this.

Performance athletes like bodybuilders put these kinds of tissue under substantial levels of stress. Even a relatively minor injury to a tendon or ligament can have a seriously devastating impact to a training program.

SARMs might help minimize the odds of such injuries occurring as well as expediting the process of recovery in the event that they do happen.

4) Not As Many Side Effects As Steroids

If you’re looking at SARMs from the perspective of an athlete, this could very well be their most welcome feature. Anabolic steroids are understandably effective; then again, so is their potential for long-term harm.

Here’s an analogy you can visualize easily.

The use of traditional steroids for enhancing performance is much like painting your fence just by hurling paint buckets at it. Sure, you’ll get your fence painted, but then again, you’ll also wind up painting a lot of other things you didn’t want to.

SARMs are more like using a paintbrush. Instead of a wasteful and sloppy mess, you can apply your paint with much more precision.

Keep in mind that even though SARMs are known to be not as risky as anabolic steroids, much testing remains to be done. The possibilities of negative interactions with other supplements and drugs needs a lot more testing.

What Are The Possible Risks And Side Effects Of Using SARMs?

We have spent a lot of time reviewing the most promising SARMs trials we were able to find. During this research we found a couple of side effects that pop up in nearly all SARMs.

1) Lower Levels Of Testosterone

In quite a few studies, it was noted that male subjects suffered from lower testosterone levels. That can impact sex drive negatively, as well as reproductive health. Hormonal shifts can also be closely related to changes in a person’s mental health, as reductions in testosterone can result in mood swings.

2) Unknown Interactions With Other Drugs

This might be a crucial issue with all SARMs. Only a small handful of all the drugs in this class have gotten to final trial stages where testing of drug interactions were studied. This is especially crucial from performance standpoints given how the possible complications of stacking more than one SARM is very much unknown at this point.

Uses Of SARMs

Most SARMs are under development for particular therapeutic uses, specifically for issues with muscle mass, body fat, and bone density as a result of old age or certain diseases.

Doctors are optimistic about SARMs given their seeming effectiveness in treating muscle wasting, which is an issue that gets more problematic with advanced age. Likewise, quite a few SARMs are helpful in maintaining bone density, and that is something else that gets harder in old age.

Even though SARMs haven’t yet been designed purely for bodybuilding or athletic performance, they have obvious potential in terms of those purposes, and that’s drawn the attention of bodybuilders, athletes, and drug manufacturers.

Various SARMs Under Development

There are many SARMs that are currently going through testing, both animal and human. While several show a lot of promise, it’s likely that some of them wind up being far more effective than others.

The following is a list of SARMs that have shown a lot of promising results:

* Andarine S4
* YK-11
* Cardarine GW-501516
* Testolone RAD-140
* Ibutamoren MK 677
* Stenabolic SR-9009
* Ligandrol LGD 4033
* S-23
* Ostarine MK2866

Final Thoughts

SARMs are a new class of drugs that have demonstrated potential as being safer choices than anabolic steroids. This class of drugs has a variety of uses, but much more testing and clinical trials are necessary before they’re deemed ready for serious medical use.

Regardless of how promising completed trials seem to be, you should keep in mind that any drug carries risks with it.

SARMs are showing up more and more in experimental trials, but ordinary people need to be mindful of both the unknowns and established risks before thinking about using them.