Month: August 2020


How long does it take for GHRP 6 to kick in?

The growth hormone (GH) continues to gain popularity in the exercise world and among the general population. Both men and women want to look better, with a youthful appearance, more energy, and muscle tone. Who wouldn’t? Usually, growth hormones have a pricey price tag attached to them. However, the expense does little to degrade its […]


When should I take CJC 1295?

Aging is something few people look forward to. A significant degree of scientific research has been devoted to reversing this inevitable but potentially disturbing life event. A drug named CJC 1295 is the latest of a crop of chemicals that might stop or at least slow the process. CJC 1295 Overview This drug, scientifically categorized […]


Is YK11 actually a SARM?

Due to limited research and differing opinions, much about YK11 remains up in the air. While some label it a SARM, others contest this, claiming definitively that it a synthetic steroid. Let’s break down the basics, taking a closer look at what YK11 actually is and how it can be defined as a SARM. First […]


BPC 157 or TB500? Which is better?

TB500 is a Thymosin Beta 4 synthetic, which is a protein from the thymus gland. The drug healing process is exerted through reduced inflammation, acting upregulation, and blood vessel formation. On the other hand, BPC 157 is a synthetic peptide derived from human gastric juice to heal ulcers and facilitate digestion. TB500 and BPC 157 […]



AOD-9604 which stands for Anti Obesity Drug is exactly that. A HGH compound that targets the fat burning effects specifically. AOD rose to prominence in Australia when used as a performance enhancing drug by the Essendon Football club, during the 2013 doping controversy. It was chosen specifically because it would not show up in HGH […]