Is YK11 actually a SARM?

Due to limited research and differing opinions, much about YK11 remains up in the air. While some label it a SARM, others contest this, claiming definitively that it a synthetic steroid. Let’s break down the basics, taking a closer look at what YK11 actually is and how it can be defined as a SARM.

First and foremost, YK11 is a compound. Athletes and those looking to increase muscle mass use it often- and for understandable reason. YK11 has been shown to be highly effective in building muscle tissue, allowing muscle gain and strength to occur faster and more easily. SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, are a class of androgen receptor ligan that have strong anabolic effects. They are targeted and selective in how they work in the body, thus interfering less with natural biological processes at work when compared to anabolic androgenic steroids.

In addition to being under-researched, as of now, the YK11 compound is a tricky code to crack because of the unique way in which it works. It does not behave or function like a regular SARM: users have reported that it is much stronger and more effective than any other similar compounds available. It’s unique mechanism does have anabolic activity, upregualtes follistatin, and might inhibit DHT (dihydrotestosterone) activity- might being a key word here. Again, studies are extremely limited, but user reviews have reported massive increases over small periods of time. Of course, like any substance, this will vary from person to person, metabolism to metabolism. As exciting as it can sound, its effects are still uncertain as the data is quite limited.

The compound producing such desirable effects does not answer the question of it being correct to classify it as a SARM or not. Other professionals would say that it absolutely cannot be considered as such because YK11 fits perfectly into the nomenclature for steroids, even being referred to as a synthetic steroid SARM in many articles and inquiries. All steroids have certain characteristics present in their structure, and when comparing images of testosterone, trenbolone, and YK11, some point out the structural similarities of YK11 to synthetic steroids. With this is mind, it would seem incorrect to refer to it as exclusively a SARM.

In the absence of definitive studies and comprehensive literature, more individuals working or interested in this field have come to a happy medium, recognizing multiple aspects and properties of YK11 and deeming it a synthetic steroidal SARM. As time goes on and more research and clinical trials are successfully completed, the definition, too, will be able to be refined and clarified.

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