Does Ostarine cause fatigue?

Ostarine, also known as Enobosarm or MK2866, is part of a family of drugs called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). These drugs, while nonsteroidal, supposedly increase lean muscle mass and induce muscle hypertrophy (growth). It’s important to note that SARMs in their original forms are nonsteroidal, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be steroids in a drug that claims to be a SARM. I’ll elaborate on that later.

Ostarine itself, a SARM developed by GTx, Inc., has been only moderately studied by scientists. There is some evidence that it increases muscle mass independent of androgen receptors via genetic cell signaling pathways in satellite cells, which is a very basic level of muscle formation. There is also some evidence that it could function as a therapeutic drug for cachexia, which is a muscle-wasting syndrome caused by disease.

Overall, Ostarine is a promising form of SARM that has also been shown to potentially induce muscle growth. There is no evidence as of yet that would indicate any linkage to feelings of fatigue. Indeed, greater lean muscle mass in the body increases metabolism and is associated with higher functional capacity and feelings of having more energy throughout the day. If you’re worried about Ostarine causing you to feel fatigued, there is likely no cause for concern. However, it should be noted that Ostarine is considered illegal by the FDA. It is considered an ergogenic aid in sports (meaning it enhances athletic performance) and is also illegal in dietary supplements. Therefore, if you’re going to do take Ostarine, do so at your own risk. As if that were not enough, there are even more risks with taking Ostarine and other kinds of SARMs. Companies that produce these drugs are not strictly regulated which means they can get away with more than you might think, detailed below.

Regarding why caution should be used when purchasing Ostarine or any SARM, it should be understood that SARMs are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is the main governing body when it comes to regulating the qualities of foods and drugs. Consequently, SARMs can be sold without regulation, meaning the buyer may not know the exact nutritional facts. It’s not uncommon for sellers to exclude details about what additional components may have been added to the drug. This can be problematic when attempting to verify the integrity of these drugs because it means companies and manufacturers can technically put actual anabolic steroids inside, unbeknownst to the customers.

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