How long can you stay on MK677?

MK677, also known as imbutamoren growth hormone (GH), is a compound secretagogue, which helps to promote levels of GH in the body. Mimicking the actions and effects of the hunger hormone Ghrelin, it stimulates the release of GH from the pituitary gland, increasing the amount by up to 40 percent. As the body ages, the production and release of GH slows down and decreases rapidly. While this is normal, it can cause adverse health affects, diminishing wellness, and weakening one’s quality of life.

This is where some of the many benefits of consuming MK677 can step in. Utilizing this GH allows the body to experience accelerated healing, which is particularly useful for those building muscle tissue or recovering from an injury or surgery. It is also known to increase the body’s ability to increase calcium, thereby strengthening bone mineralization and increasing density. Other benefits include increasing lean body mass, reducing belly fat, improving cellular production and repair, and speeding up the process of protein synthesis. Furthermore, unlike many other GH substances, MK677 can improve one’s quality of sleep, stimulate the sex drive enhance the overall immune system, and strengthen the heart.

In order to be most effective, MK677 should be used as a regimen. Most anecdotal advice recommends a minimum of three months in order to see prolonged results, maxing out at around six months. Like any other compound that you are adding to the body, it takes several weeks, at least, for it to build up in the system and take effect.

However, MK677 should also be used in a cyclical manner, unless prescribed as a hormonal treatment for GH deficiency by a doctor. This is for several different reasons, the first being that it will increase glucose levels in the blood, leading to resistance to insulin in the long-term if not used accordingly. Some clinical studies also show MK677 levels to gradually diminish GH levels over time, after an initial spike in the first few months, so cycling and taking a break after six months prevents this process from occurring.

While the data on these effects is fairly limited, by definition as a GH secretagogue, MK677 functions by being mediated by the pituitary gland, which posses a negative feedback loop to, at a certain point, prevent the body from secreting too much GH. Because of this, we know that at some point the body will try to ‘correct itself’ and return its GH levels back down to its original baseline. For those opting to incorporate MK677 into their routine, a six months max rule is a solid rule of thumb, and be sure to carefully monitor blood sugar levels periodically throughout the cycle.

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