Does Cardarine increase Heart rate and can you still get it?

Cardarine or GW501616 is a product that was made in 1991. It was initially created to deal with cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome. It was to increase metabolism, lipid strain, increase the growth of muscles, and counter obesity in people with a lot of fats.

However, it was discontinued in 2017 and made a schedule 10 drug (same as heroin) because of claims it causes cancer. The claims pertain to a study where rats where dosed at 100 times normal dosage which would suggest its pretty safe to take. 100 dose of aspirin would probably kill you. More likely its effectiveness would cost a lot of money for a lot of powerful corporations hence the ridiculous scheduling.

Cardarine does not increase the user’s heart rate because it is not a selective androgen receptor modulator. It is a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor beta-agonist. It selectively targets those receptors in the user’s body and binds with them.

The binding of the GW501616 and the body’s receptors change the activities of the genes responsible for burning body fat and increasing energy in the user’s body. That translates into improving the energy output in the user. That change in energy output can result in a higher rate of endurance, stamina, and reduced fats.

It makes the user push themselves harder and longer than they usually do without them being winded. It can help in running or cardio and also in the weight room. For that reason, some athletes use it to boost their strength and endurance.

Cardarine use is not the same as using a stimulant. Stimulants boost the body’s activity, but they also increase the user’s heart rate sharply. They also make the user get winded faster. Cardarine works the opposite way.

It boosts the strength of users and endurance but does not spike the heart rate. Its use to increase strength and endurance in bodybuilders and athletes led to its being named an illegal compound, which was later discontinued.

The fact that it does not increase the heart rate in the people who use it made it more favorable to use bodybuilders and runners. That is because an increase in heart rate can make the user not have enough stamina and endurance.

The use of cardarine does not require the users to go to the gym or work out necessarily. That is because it has been proven to improve the development of muscle fibers in the user’s body.

The recommended dosage of cardarine ranges from 10 to 20mg every day taken a couple of hours before the exercises or work out. A cycle of taking the dose ranges between 4-8 weeks.

Despite its effects noted during the trial phases on animals, there are no known long-term or short-term side effects of using cardarine.

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