How long does it take for GHRP 6 to kick in?

The growth hormone (GH) continues to gain popularity in the exercise world and among the general population. Both men and women want to look better, with a youthful appearance, more energy, and muscle tone. Who wouldn’t?

Usually, growth hormones have a pricey price tag attached to them. However, the expense does little to degrade its appeal. Nonetheless, the growth hormone-releasing peptide-6 (GHRP6), a more affordable and still effective substitute for GH, is available.

How does GHRP-6 work?

Everyone has natural sources of growth hormone. In the past, the synthetic version of growth hormone was used to treat dwarfism. Further advances made scientists wonder what would happen if a normal human being would consume the same hormone.

GHRP-6 influences your pituitary gland, making it secret more GH. Additionally, GHRP6 increases levels of insulin growth like factor 1 (IGF-1) secreted by the liver. In your body, IGF-1 plays a role in metabolizing more protein.

How long does it take to kick in?

About 30 minutes after injecting GHRP-6 into your body, you will feel a strong desire to eat everything! GHRP-6 activates the peptide ghrelin, which instructs your stomach to empty its contents.

What are the effects of GHRP-6?

In general, regardless of the source in your system, growth hormone will positively improve the appearance of your body. In the past, men past 60 years took this hormone. The results showed that these men lost approximately 14% in fat mass and gained an average of 8.8% body mass. Also, they showed a greater sense of general wellbeing.

GHRP-6 levels in your system than natural has other impacts. For status, it will impact your appetite is the cruelest way imaginable. When taken in high doses, you may become so hungry until the growling noises in your belly may cause you to feast uncontrollably.

If your goal is to gain muscle, then this effect is perfect. On the downside, if you want to burn fat, this effect is less ideal.

To make your way around these effects, timing is crucial. Most users take a dose after the workout, allowing them to finish their after workout protein shake and later indulge in food to trigger muscle growth. On the other hand, if you want to lose fat, slightly lower your dose of the GHRP-6. Do not take more than 150mg.

In essence, if you want to use GHRP-6, tailor your desired goals to your doses.

Downside of GHRP-6

Like any other supplement, GHRP-6 has its downfalls. The major drawback of this hormone is that it has a 15-60 minute half-life. This meager duration means that you need to use it daily for it to be effective. For those who hate needles, this may prove a nightmare because GHRP-6 uses injection as its primary method of administration.

Some of the side effects include joint aches, flu-like symptoms, water retention, and headaches. Using it for a long time causes a tingly sensation on your skin, and you can lose your sense of touch. Fortunately, losing these effects are in rare cases. Other medications are also available to counter the effects of GHRP-6.

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